Anonymous asked:

Are Phoenix and Victoria official models of California Foot Exchange, meaning will they show their feet again in the future or are they one timers, meaning will they show off their feet once and never do it again?

Phoenix says she’s definitely interested. Victoria not so much, though I’m still trying to convince her otherwise.

Happy Foot Fun Friday! Just came back from the mall for lunch and had to share these tootsies I ran into. This is Victoria (yes, the second Victoria in the last 2 weeks). This Mexican cutie was waiting on a bench near the mall entrance, when I couldn’t resist approaching and asking if she’d show off her feet. Handed her a card, she went on her phone to check out the website, and said she’d be cool with modeling her feet.

"They’re small (size 6) and I think they’re flat."

"Well, I’ll be the judge of that!"

She propped her feet on the bench, slipped off her sandals and revealed a gorgeous, soft pair. Small? Yeah. Flat? Nah.

We exchanged info and are scheduled to meet up for lunch early next week. Shoot to follow.

This is Phoenix. Caught her walking to the coffee shop on her break when I stopped her and said, “Hey, cool shoes.” “Yeah? You think so?,” she responded.

"Absolutely. Do you have a few minutes?"

After breaking the ice, and showing her the Exchange, she thought it was a cool project. “I do art myself, and sell of my own stuff here and there.”

Asked if she could part with a few pics of her feet in exchange for espresso, she responded positively with these pics.

"I have to warn you, I’m not wearing any socks. I should be wearing some with these." I assured her that wasn’t a concern of mine.

They’re a bit rough, but I think after getting her a pedicure and not walking around barefoot as much, we’ll be in business. Have fun with her size 8s.

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Since Sasha was recently mentioned, can I ask if she's ever done anything else somewhere else or is she only on CaliFtExchange and NorCalFeet?

Not that I’m aware of. She’s moved, and we text back and forth sporadically. Hopefully I’ll see her during the holidays.