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PLEASE can u tell me if Christine and Lana's feet r ticklish? would they do a tickling vid?

Christine and Lana are super ticklish and warned that they’d kick me in the face if I were try to tickle them. I’m sure we can do a video with them trying to be tickled, though I’m concerned with my safety. :)

Anonymous asked:

I love Miranda. How did you meet and get her involved in all this?

She was walking barefoot across campus. Looked like she was done with classes and heading out, so I decided to approach her. Asked if she wanted to do some modeling and take a look at what I do. She said, “Yes.” We sat down, she browsed at my work and was hooked.

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What happened with Christine's vegas foot adventure?

She ended up getting a blister from all the walking one tends to do in Vegas. Sent one pic from her hotel balcony. That’s all. Bummer.

Any Redditor’s out there? Subreddit /r/feet theme of the week is “Summer Feet”. Figured I’d post the appropriately named, Summer.

I met Summer on campus in the fall of 2012. She looked a bit lost and asked me if I knew where the administration building was. I told her I’d let her know if she would help me out as well.

"What’s that?" she asked.

"Have you ever thought about modeling? I’m looking for a foot model. If you have a minute or two we can go over it."

She quickly browsed through a portfolio I had and said she’d be cool with it. I handed her a business card with my info. A couple weeks later, after her schedule settled, we met up for our first shoot.

After, I let her into the whole foot “scene”. Suffice to say she was blown away. While we sat in her car (pictured in the Imgur set), I asked to give her a foot rub, which she obliged. After a few minutes, I asked if she’s ever had her feet worshipped.

"No, what’s that?"

I grabbed her feet, which were laying in my lap, then I stuck my face in her soles. “Now I want you to just grab my face with your toes.”

After a minute or two of being smothered, I slipped her big toe in my mouth and started sucking away. Toe by toe.

"Oh my God, you’re crazy! But in a good way.”

Right then, I knew I had her. But there was a catch.

"I’m moving in January."

"UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE!" was my first thought. The momentary disappointment was then replaced by a sense of urgency.

This set forth in motion a series of meetings over the course of then next 4 months, September through January. I’d get out of work, and we’d meet before her evening class started. Do a shoot near campus. Hop in her car. Mess around with her feet. The music room was also a blast one afternoon.

After she departed in January, we’d exchange emails here and there, but those have since died off. Just memories left and some pics.